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We provide Braille translation and transcription services by certified Braille transcribers

Braille translation and transcription

The legislation on the existence of price lists for the blind:

The Ministerial Decision No. 91345, article 70 of the Ministry of Economy and Development obliges the managers of mass catering and leisure establishments (restaurants, fast food outlets, taverns, cafes, entertainment centers and other similar establishments) to ensure the provision of information to persons with disabilities on the observed price list (menu). 


Law 4488/2017 (article 65, par. 3) recognizes Greek Braille writing as the official way of writing for blind Greek citizens.


Article 70

Compliance with price lists (menus)

1B. Store managers must ensure that persons with disabilities are informed about the observed price list (menu)

Having pricelists (menus) in Braille format is compulsory for Greek language and optional for one or more foreign languages.

In case of non-existence of the special price list (menu) the fine is five hundred euros (500€)

In summary, according to the above:

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee shops

  • Entertainment centers

  • Hotels with catering facilities

  • Similar establishments


Must have a price list (menu) available for blind customers in Braille format.

Multilingo Language Services translation office undertakes the entire editing (typing, translation, design, production & printing) of your Braille texts in collaboration with Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece.

If you do not have the required special pricelist (menu) available at your establishment, the fine is five hundred euros (500€)

Braille Inscription in Railing
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We are certified by the Center for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind (KEAT) 

Advantages of having price lists in Braille format:

  • Compliance with Greek legislation

  • Accessibility for people with disabilities (PWD)

  • Better customer experience

  • Better ratings

  • Prestige in your business

Braille services provide solutions for:

1. Information brochures for hotel rooms, archaeological sites, Airbnb sites, clubs, etc.

2. Menus of restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, etc.

3. Advertising forms

4. Inscriptions such as hotel room numbers, 

The insides of the catalogs are printed on special printing paper, which preserves the relief of the surface and is tied with a metal spiral. The ratio of plain writing to Braille writing is 1 to 4 pages (eg 4 pages of plain writing correspond to 16 Braille pages).

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